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The Weight of the Sky


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This original collage made of my hand painted papers is inspired by the landscape abstraction in the work of Richard Diebenkorn. As an artist interested in the language of abstraction, I look to other artists work to think about how I can turn landscapes into fields of color. I thought a lot about texture and color when making this piece. I painted a lot of papers in blues and neutrals and then cut and constructed this collage in layers, thinking about the weight of the sky and the lightness of the earth.

I grew up going to museums with my mom. My mom wasn���t an artist but loved art and deeply loved looking at and talking about art with me. She was my first art teacher. When I was 11 years old, there was a solo show of Richard Diebenkorn���s painting at SFMOMA and seeing his flattened landscapes and blocks of color really stuck with me. I remember that my mom really loved the Ocean Park series. All through high school and college I kept a postcard of ���Ocean Park #54��� on my walliebenkorn painting in a museum collection, it always feels like running into a friend. Last year I saw a show at a gallery that included many of Diebenkorn���s collages that I had never seen before. I didn���t actually know that he made preparatory studies in collage and had never seen up close how he worked out color and composition with painted paper. I had not until this moment realized that his visual language was in fact the same as mine. But even though my medium is also painted paper collage, I had never tried making my own flattened, abstract landscape in Diebenkorn���s style. I went back and studied his work, his use of color, the feel of the paint. This piece of mine, ���The Weight of the Sky,��� is inspired by Diebenkorn���s stacking of colors and textures, but my own take on building a landscape with painted paper from the sky down; letting the weight of the sky be held by the bands of green and rose and brown (the trees) and sinki

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