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“Jamila” in Black is a hand-crafted sculpture from the village of Sejnane, a town located in the hills of northern Tunisia. With it’s rich satin finish, obtained by smoothing the object repeatedly with shellfish, and striking features, this sculpture is sure to be a conversation piece. Sejnane pottery is a 100% manual product process, leaving each object with a trace of humanity and history. The pottery is environmentally friendly, using only natural materials such as ochre clay, shellfish, and dried branches. The clay is first extracted and then cleansed of its impurities. It is then mixed with crushed pottery fragments, repurposing items that would have become waste, and finally fashioned by hand into a piece. The piece is them polished with shellfish, dried up outdoors, and painted with naturally-occurring pigments, such as those from white or red ochre clay. The pottery is then fired on dried branches with cow dung used as the combustible. Finally, each piece is decorated with lines, dots, and other embellishments either with ochre clay or mastic powder, from the Mediterranean-borne mastic shrub. “

Product Specifications

Length: 12 in.
Height: 12 in.
Width: 7 in.
Weight: 4 lbs.

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